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Hi, I'm Dirk.  All websites below were created by me.  I collaborate with a few local web designers and therefore generously use the term 'we' throughout this website. But if anything goes wrong, it is me who takes the blame, and the lead to get it back on track.
Whether you need a high-converting E-shop, a learning management system, a booking or membership website, a fast-loading landing page, or a professional representation of your business, I - or better we - have got the right solution for you.

Our Process

in 10 steps to your new website

Discovery & Planning

Our first step in initiating a potential project with you will be to thoroughly understand your business, your expectations, your customers and their expectations and behaviors. Then, most importantly, how your website factors into all of that. You begin this process now with our new project survey.


Here we present you a comprehensive scope of work that clearly defines the purpose of your website and the specific functionality we intend to implement. We will also give you a timeline of the project as well as an itemized quotation.

Homepage Wireframe

The wireframe is a simple sketch outlining the general layout of the homepage. We’ll schedule a Zoom call to walk you through our proposed wireframe and answer any questions or make necessary changes. The wireframe is completed within the first week of your Project Cycle, once the scope of work has been accepted.


Using our findings and the wireframe as a general guide, we design a homepage mockup for your initial review. Once the general styling of the homepage is approved, we build out all of your remaining page templates. Typically, this phase takes one to three weeks but can take more depending on the project requirements and the time it takes your team to provide responses.

Design Approval

Once you are completely satisfied with your page mockups, we ask for an official approval of the general layout, spacing, styling, colors, and videos/photography. Imagery and text can be changed beyond this point, but it’s important to keep the word counts consistent in most areas to prevent design tweaks.


Our developers take the mockups that were approved in the design phase and bring them to life according to the specs outlined in the scope of work. They create a fully an optimized version of each of your page templates tht will look good on all devices, i.e. desktop, tablet and mobile phone.

Testing & Tweaking

We test the website in a variety of browsers.  We test the functionality of the website to ensure there are no errors or broken links and then hand it over to you for your review on our dev server. After all the issues you find have been addressed it's time for the final approval on the entire project.


Every website needs a home, where the light’s always on, and visitors are always welcome. We can recommend the right hosting company, or if you prefer a specific provider, we can work with them. Wherever you want to host, we’ll make it happen. Unless it's with Hostgator, GoDaddy, or BlueHost. 


This is where we coordinate together to schedule the date of the website launch. We will then run an additional QA round just to make sure everything is functioning on your server.

Security & Maintenance

Every website must be hosted on a public server and requires monthly security/maintenance measures to be taken in order to comply with best practices. We offer a competitively priced plan that addresses all of these needs. You  can also ask someone else to manage these updates, or do it yourself.

We use Oxygen

We use Oxygen, the revolutionary pagebuilder for WordPress websites that makes code output so lean and clean… it’s every coder’s dream. and every client's gain.
And yes, we can convert your old, ugly, and slow website into a fast and light-weight beauty.
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We'll get your website up to speed

If you hire us to create a website we'll not just give you a beautiful website. We also add various features that make your website secure, fast, and easy to find for the Google Search engine.
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