Easy Editing

without messing up your WordPress website

Can I edit my WordPress website?

There are two levels on which edits can be made. We really don’t want computer illiterate clients to make edits on the Oxygenbuilder level because it is really easy to mess things up. Then you’d have to upload and restore the backup you had (hopefully) made before you started editing.

It is, however, possible to make edits on the WordPress level without the risk of destroying the website structure. We do that with the help of dynamic data fields. You only have to tell us which information you want to edit in the future, and we'll make it happen.

Changing an image on the website

In this video you can see an example of how easy it is to exchange the hero image. That is the full-screen image on top of the page.

The same principle applies to any other image.
In this video you can see how to change prices and make a text element display or disappear depending on your settings.
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